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Leather Handbag Care Methods

Leather Handbag Care Methods

When you've purchased a new leather handbag, making sure it's a lasting item is a must. However, taking good care of your handbag can be tricky, especially when it's an item you have seriously invested, and have so much at stake. Even though handbags are now such commonly used items, many consumers are having problems properly maintaining them.


Regarding this, we herein provide some useful knowledge in leather handbag care in four aspects: Daily Usage, Use of Leather Care Products, Storage, and Final Tips of Leather Care. Hope these will help you keep your handbags as fresh as new.


Daily Usage

Use of Leather Care Products


Some Useful Tips

Leather Handbag Care Case I: Full Grain Leather

Leather Handbag Care Case II:Croc Leather

Leather Handbag Care Case IV: Leather Jacket



1. Daily Usage


Prevention is your first measure in your daily usage of handbags. If you don't like the antique effect that scratches may give to your handbag then it's advised that you keep it away from sharp or metallic objects, water or spill, and generally give it a careful consideration when handling and placing it down on the ground. Don't leave your handbag in direct sunlight, which can cause the color to fade and damage the leather


One important way to protect your handbag is to apply some reputable professional leather care products treatment regularly every few months as mentioned below in the Using Leather Care Products section, which will coat the leather with a protective finish that will make it more durable. Specifically, it involves three leather care steps, namely Cleaning, Moisturizing, and Applying protective mask. Details are shown later.



If there are small dirt marks on the finished side of the leather then usually a little damp cloth or with a little leather cleaning lotion will do the trick of getting rid of them. There are specially designed leather care products for cleaning leather products such as the Columbus Leatherian Lotion, and Fiebing's Saddle Soup in our store, which contain solutions of natural oils that prove to be very effective at removing dirt marks and stains from genuine leathers. Using water is not recommended, since it will cause long lasting damage to your leather.


The key to removing dirt and other such marks is not to use too much pressure, it's much better to lightly rub a mark 100 times with low pressure than 10 times with a lot of pressure. Applying high pressure maybe likely to remove the finish and damage the leather.


Essentially, leather handbags should not get wet, and that is reason that you don't use water to clean leather. If your handbag does get wet in rain or spill, they should be wiped with a dry cloth immediately and allowed to dry naturally in a place that is normal room temperature. You should never force-dry the leather by using heat, such as radiators or hair dryers.


If you are going to continuously experience bad weather then we would suggest that you use some of our leather water-proofing products such as the Columbus AMEDAS spray to help keep your handbag dry and easy to clean.


2. Use of Leather Care Products


Leather handbags are made from natural leathers, so they will age with time. Just like our own skin, genuine leather needs moisturizing and caring for if they are to be kept in top condition throughout the years. Even with excellent care, they will still age;  Albeit, a well looked after and aged handbag is just as beautiful as a new one, if not even more so.


All leather loses moisture and oils over time and with handling. As a hide dries out it is more likely that the fibres that make up the surface of the skin will break rather than stretch. The more we handle a product made from leather the quicker it will lose its natural flexibility due to the loss of its oils and moisture. Therefore, same as we take care of our own skin, you need to ensure the leather fibres stay supple with natural oils or regular moisturizing.


It is always best to regularly use a leather care product to replace those oils and keep the leather supple. We recommend that you use those products in our store, specifically for caring for leather handbags. Never use baby wipes, vinegar, Pledge or any other 'home remedy' for cleaning or stain removal. Many of these products have chemicals and substances such as Lanolin in them that can cause damage to the color, dry the leather out, create a buildup of grease in the leather and any number of other problems. Occasionally, you may mix a small amount of mild liquid soap to warm water and use a soft damp cloth to wipe away any dirt from the outside of your handbag. Still, using leather care products is the best option.


Please note that when applying ANY leather care products, even a clear or natural color may change the color of your leather, and on top of that there are numerous types of different leathers. Therefore, before applying to the whole bag, try to test a small area of leather first (such as the tag/key-ring we supply with your bag) and then check whether there is any change of color.


Generally, there are THREE steps involved in leather care procedure, and we recommend you to go through them ALL. The first step is to clean/remove dirt, dust or any marks from your handbag, using for example the Columbus Leatherian Lotion or the Fiebing's Saddle Soup. The second step is to apply moisture, such as mink oil. The mink oil or Neatsfoot Oil, such as the Columbus Mink Oil and Fiebing's Golden Mind Oil are considered to be good natural leather care products, which will keep your leather young and fresh. The last step is to apply a final protective layer on your handbag, such as using the Columbus AMEDAS spray, which will not only avoid losing moisture such as the applied mink oil but also make your handbag more water-proof.


Endeavour to apply leather care product at least a couple of weeks if not month, at least not more often as you would with a fine pair of leather shoes. We believe that using our leather care products in combination with our premium leather handbags will develop one of the finest partners over time.


3. Storage


Keep your leather bags stored in places that are dry and clean when you are not using them, ideally in the specially designed dust bag that came with your bag to help protect it. The dust bags aren't just for pretty packaging - they are intended to keep your bags dust-free when they're not being used, thus don't throw it away when you unpack your bag. If you don't have a dust bag an old pillowcase will do!



Also, you should keep your bag stuffed while you're not using it to help keep its shape better. Otherwise, its shape will deform permanently, and damage its fabrie and structure. You may stuff it with cloth, small pillow, or butter paper. Never use newspapers, which will smear, and generate some oil paint odors.


You should also keep the packets of silica gel with the bag. Don't throw them away, and should put them back into your bag instead, so your bag doesn't get damp. If possible, try to air once every few weeks to halt the growth of mold. One solution is to rotate your bag use, which can also reduce wear-out of your bag.



4. Some Useful Tips


Use a small cosmetic pouch to hold your liquids to prevent accidentally spilled lotion or foundation from damaging your handbag. It’s also a pain moving your cosmetics every time you switch bags. Putting them all into a clutch/cosmetic pouch helps you find your products easily. Avoid click pens at all cost, opting for pens with caps instead. Better yet, put those in your pouch too, in case of dreaded ink leaks.


Leather Care Cosmetic Pouch


Store your bags on a shelf, instead of hanging in your closet, since after a while it may cause wear and tear on the handles from the weight. If you have a shelf or a flat ledge, we recommend putting your handbags there because that way you don't stretch the handles and it's protected from any roaming frenchies or accidental spills!



Odor removal: Keep a plastic bag filled with baking soda inside your handbag. Zip the handbag or place it in a larger bag that seals if it doesn't zip. Keep the baking soda in the bag for one or two days to absorb the odor. Another option is to put an open container of baking powder carefully inside your bag, place your bag into a dust bag or pillow case and leave for 24 hours. The baking powder should absorb any unwanted odors.



Leather Handbag Care Case I: Full Grain Leather


A heavily molded cow leather handbag become almost brand new after some simple cleaning and caring, and revamped to be your daily companion again. This cleaning used a cleaning sponge, gently circulate the leather surface with the Columbus Neo Cleaner, which as antibacterial agents. It was then further cared with Columbus Mink Oil spray. After cleaning, the revitalized handbag has less chance to have mold again due to the cleaning agents on it, but you may still regularly to clean it for hygiene.


Leather Handbag in heavy mold        Mold is everywhere on the handbag

Heavy Mold before Cleaning

Mold is everywhere
Mold details on handle and body Cleaned Leather Handbag
Mold even on Handles, A Severe Case Become Almost Brand New after Simple Cleaning



Handbag Cleaning Case II: Croc Leather


A Croc leather handbag in storage for a long time without care, lacks luster, and has minor cracks at each side, but was revitalized again after simple cleaning. The cleaning used again a cleaning sponge with QbAid Lanolin nurturing cream, to gently circulate on croc surface. Lanolin cream was made from Sheep wool, and is a three-in-one cream with cleaning, moisturizing and water proof capabilities. Lanolin cream is particularly appropriate for lamb leather and croc-leather products such as handbag or leather jacket. Croc leather can become very dry if not maintained properly, and can develop some cracks on surface without proper moisturizing. The whole cleaning process lasted around 10 minutes.


Less Cared Croc Leather Handbag        Side of the handbag with minor cracks

Lackluster before cleaning

Had minor cracks at each side
Mold details on handle and body Cleaned Leather Handbag
Cleaned left and uncleaned on the right Revitalized after caring





Leather jackets are a joy as well as headache. They are expensive and cool, but hard to maintain, since you cannot throw them in the washing machine and they can get molded in your wardrobe easily if not in use. NOW we have a solution, and you can ‘watch’ and clean these jackets yourself at ease. YES!!! Clean them at home and keep it good looking without paying dry cleaning expenses.


In simple FOUR steps, you can clean and maintain your leather jacket by yourself in no time – Nice and Easy:


1. First of all, clean the leather surface by ourLEATHER CLEANING SPONGEfrom dirt, marks, or old wax, preferably with aLEATHER CLEANERsuch as Neo Cleaner or Leatherian Lotion.


2. If the colour of the jacket has faded or scratched, we recommend you using our COLUMBUS KNIGHT LIQUIDto do the rescue: shake it first for better mix with cap on, then press the sponge head on the leather surface a few times until the liquid reaches the head. Then evenly spread the liquid on the affected leather surface, and leave it dry thoroughly.


3. Thereafter, use dry cloth, SPONGE or GLOVE to gently rub the leather surface for a polishing finish, because the liquid contains premium wax.


4. For better result, can also applyMINK OIL or LANOLIN OILat last for long lasting protection and extend the leather life.


Badly Maintained Coach Top Handle        Darkened Mark at the bottom of  the handbag

Using Knight Liquid to Color 

Lanolin Oil for Cleaning and Nuitition 

Water stains difficult to remove After cleaning, still have marks

Before Cleaning: Mildew & Fade 

After Cleaning: Sleeve as New 
Damaged shoulder Colored and Polished shoulder

Shoulder was dull and faded 

After Cleaning: Refreshing & Cool  
Colored and Polished shoulder Colored and polished as new

Scratched Edges 

Completely revamped as NEW 
Water stains difficult to remove
Completed DIY Rescue 



We hope the above methods will help you better maintain your handbags in tip-top condition. If you have any further enquires, you are most welcome to contact us through the mentioned channels shown at the bottom of this page. Looking forward to seeing you around, and most welcome to shop with us!



July 2017


Copyrighted Lotusting eShop 2017

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